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Prabowo Subianto Dalam Pandangan Orang Lain: Testimoni dan Harapan

Source: “Prabowo: Rekam Foto Sang Patriot,” pages 198-211

Who knows Prabowo Subianto best? Having been a soldier for 28 years, those most familiar with Prabowo are undoubtedly his superiors, trainers, colleagues, and subordinates who have trained, fought, and risked their lives alongside him in the Indonesian National Armed Forces (TNI).

In this special closing chapter of the Red and White Magazine, we present testimonials about Prabowo, and the hopes for him, from national figures who know him best.

“Prabowo is an engaging, humorous individual who is always keen to learn. His devotion to Indonesia is unquestionable. Through Mr. Prabowo, my hope is for Indonesia to gain greater recognition, become more cohesive, and achieve further advancement.” – Nirina Zubier

“Mr. Prabowo always exudes warmth, always welcomes everyone, and loves to joke. If God wills him to lead this country, I hope he can do so sincerely and wholeheartedly.” – Yoshua Marcellos

“My first impression of meeting Mr. Prabowo was that he is humble, easy to talk to, and open to suggestions. I hope that he can lead our country well, with the firmness that is key to leadership.” – Akbar Rais

“Mr. Prabowo is highly educated, insightful, and visionary. Meeting him made me admire him even more; he’s very approachable. I believe if he is elected president, it won’t just be a victory for him but for all Indonesians.” – Kirana Larasati

“He’s really warm, fun, and humorous—it’s like talking to your own father.” – Nagita Slavina

“In 2014, I backed Mr. Prabowo, in 2019 I switched my support to Mr. Jokowi, and now, in 2024, I’m rallying behind Mr. Prabowo again because I have complete faith in him. Mr. Prabowo is not only an esteemed general and the finest Special Forces officer, but his ability to defuse any situation with his words is something we all admire. I wish him good health, success, and triumph.” – Raffi Ahmad

“I came to know Mr. Prabowo through my father, as they were both in Wanadri. His nationalist spirit and his love for this nation are beyond doubt. If Mr. Prabowo is given the chance to lead this country, I firmly believe he can take Indonesia to greater heights.” – Alshad Ahmad

“In my view, Mr. Prabowo is a very humble person, he supports the achievements of today’s youth, and is eager to teach us a lot about being a wise leader. I hope that he can become the leader of this country and I hope that Indonesia can advance further with him.” – Celine Evangelista

Quotes from Generals:

“Minister of Defense Prabowo’s visit here is seen in the spirit and warmth of family, especially during the Eid al-Fitr holiday. The Indonesian people must remain united and solid.”

“I remind everyone, Mr. Prabowo has been fighting for a long time, and understands what is necessary and needed for all Indonesians,”

“The Indonesian people must stay united and solid.” – Try Sutrisno

“I really appreciate and am proud that he still remembers me. Being visited by a junior makes an elder happy. Mr. Prabowo has always respected his seniors since his youth and has never disrespected them.”

“He always brings his unique presence to any environment. I and other seniors pray for his continued success in his service to the nation and Indonesia, as Mr. Prabowo is someone full of initiative and has out-of-the-box ideas.”

“He has never been a nobody. Prabowo is definitely somebody.” – Hendropriyono

“I see that he has a high dedication to his duties in the military unit. His passion is immense. He is a nationalist soldier, with a profound love for the unity of the nation and the country.”

“I am confident that he will continue (to be dedicated), no matter the situation, always focused on the nation and the country. That’s what I expect.”

“I see him as someone who has high dedication to his duties in the military unit. His enthusiasm in fulfilling his responsibilities is immense.”

“It is a fact that throughout his tenure as Minister of Defense, he has undertaken numerous actions that clearly reflect his commitment to the security and defense of our nation and country.” – Agum Gumelar

“I have a longstanding history with Mr. Prabowo as fellow soldiers in the TNI, fighting for our nation’s future, and we continue to serve together under President Jokowi’s administration.”

“Mr. Prabowo, as the Minister of Defense, and I, as the Chairman of the Presidential Advisory Council, have numerous responsibilities to synchronize to continue our dedication to the current government.”

“I urge Mr. Prabowo and our colleagues from Gerindra to persist in leading our country towards a stable political climate, essential for ongoing national development.”

“I’ve worked alongside five presidents, starting with President Suharto. I understand exactly what is required of a president. Today, my brother (Prabowo), my friend, and my colleague [is ready for that role].”

“Mr. Prabowo embodies all the qualities of a presidential candidate with a deep understanding of both domestic and international issues.” – Wiranto

“From his days in Kopassus, Mr. Prabowo has always been an outstanding individual, attentive to his subordinates, a true nationalist without any flaws.”

“We must be optimistic! There is no life without optimism. This is the home for Prabowo’s victory.”

“Mr. Prabowo stated that we must always fight against falsehood and dishonesty. We may retire as soldiers, but as fighters, we never retire until we enter the grave.”

“Mas Bowo must become President. This time he must win.”

“In Kota Baru, I was entrusted with living in the former house of General Sudirman, and we have decided to make it Prabowo’s campaign headquarters.”

“It’s truly joyful to reunite or celebrate Eid together today, Mr. Prabowo is exceptional. There is no other way, tomorrow Mr. Prabowo will be president,” – Subagyo Hadi Siswoyo

“I pray for Mr. Prabowo’s success,” encapsulates his well-wishes for Prabowo. – Widodo AS.

“He is undeniably a great soldier, very approachable and modest. He always makes time to visit us seniors. I feel deeply honored each time Mr. Prabowo visits.”

“It’s rare to find leaders who make time for their seniors.”

“Mr. Prabowo’s openness and humble demeanor endear him to us all. I cherish his visits.”

“We briefly touch on politics, but our discussions are predominantly about Indonesia’s future and its challenges.”

“We both shared a mentor, Andi Mohammad Jusuf, a former TNI Commander.”

“I hope he continues to fight and work tirelessly, may he succeed in all his endeavors, God willing, we all pray for him.” – Jusuf Kalla

“If anyone is truly sincere to the Indonesian people, it’s Prabowo. There are many things that show how truly sincere he is to the Indonesian people.” – Dr. K.H. Abdurrahman Wahid, the 4th President of Indonesia

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